BFGoodrich All-Terrains for the Cherokee

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain is one of the most popular general purpose light-truck tires on the market. Having had positive experience with the more aggressive Mud-Terrain for recreational off-roading, the more practical All-Terrain seems like the logical choice for our overland rig.

Once the Old Man Emu suspension is installed, it’ll accommodate the fitment of 245/75R16 tires, which measures roughly 31 inches. If you’re looking to fit oversize tires on a trail XJ without interfering with the factory sheet metal, that’s about as large as you’ll want to go. You can, of course, go much larger with commensurate fender well modifications.

Furthermore, such a modest size increase should minimize impact on perceived power and fuel economy.

My only concern about the BFGoodrich Tires is that the 245/75R16 is only available in a 10-ply, load range E. That’s great for heavy payloads and durability, but that’s a far more rigid tire than the cushy passenger tires they’ll be replacing. As an overland Jeep, long-distance road trips are to be expected, so harshness is a very important consideration.