Northeast Overland Rally & Workshop 2014

This was our third time attending the annual Northeast Overland Rally & Workshop in Rockingham, Vermont. While the scenery and the itinerary remain mostly unchanged from year-to-year, the experience keeps getting better. It’s almost impossible to get tired of Vermont, and we’re already looking forward to our next adventure in the Green Mountain State.

Day One (Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014)

After packing some last-minute things in the Cherokee, we hit the road shortly before 9 AM en route to Rockingham, with a planned lunch stop at Albany Pump Station in Albany, NY.

Packed Cherokee

The drive through Pennsylvania wasn’t bad, except for some traffic in Milford. There were a couple of traffic jams in New York, too.

Once we crossed the Vermont border, we hit some slower traffic again. But the thought occurred to me as I looked at the sprawling mountains around us, the leaves exploding in awesome Autumnal yellows, limes, reds and oranges: We’re sitting in traffic on our way to adventure. Our vehicle is carrying us away from this hectic world for a few days. How lucky are we to be sitting in this traffic?

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Day Two (Friday, Oct. 10, 2014)

Last night, we arrived at Lillie Brook Farm and set up our home for the next few days.

We took a quick look around the rally at some of the cool vehicles and camp setups (Did you guys see Pat’s sweet, custom camp digs? How cool was that?), and then turned in for the night.

It was a bitter cold night.

Pat's Camp Trailer

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