Exploring the ADK High Peaks Region

Morning came, and I was thankful to not have been pestered by anyone during the night. The first order of business was to find gas. My Garmin 276C with a ten year old data card said the closest gas was in Lake Placid, 11 miles away – as the crow flies.

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I had my doubts that I’d make it, but I had never run out of gas before. Who knows? Maybe the Cherokee could’ve gone another 50 miles with the gauge pegged at empty.

Fortunately, I encountered a Stewart’s gas station only 5 miles away at the neighboring small town of Keene. Yes! That had been on my mind all night, and I was thrilled to not have to worry anymore.

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After fueling up, I circled back to Keene Valley to look for a place to eat breakfast or get coffee. Fortunately, I found a charming little coffee shop called SubAlpine. There, I enjoyed a skillfully crafted mocha, and caught up on the Internet.

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The next order of business was a hike.

Do not visit the Adirondack High-Peaks region without planning to do some serious hiking. There are foot trails everywhere, and they’re all pretty grueling. Not that you have to be perfectly fit to enjoy them, but they will make you work to experience the fantastic views and splendor of the mountains.