Exploring the ADK High Peaks Region

The top of the mountain was strewn with people, most of whom were mingling around the summit. While a massive throng of people would normally be a turn-off, the crowd didn’t detract from the experience whatsoever. There were acres of open space for folks to spread out and enjoy the view.

I was in no hurry to hike back down. I took out my camera and spent a good 30 minutes trying to cram the experience onto a tiny memory card, and then I found a spot to sit down and relax – away from the majority of the people. It was sublime.

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An unknown amount of time passed before I started the descent back to the Jeep.

The hike back down took less than two hours, and at first, it was reminiscent of parkour – leaping from rock to rock, doing backflips, and sliding down slabs. It was no easier than the ascent, but it was a different kind of pain. My knees were in agony by the time I reached the bottom!