Exploring the ADK High Peaks Region

Upon returning to the Jeep, I decided to find a good place to stop and freshen up.

No matter which direction you go on any road in the High Peaks region, you will cross the Ausable River, perhaps several times. It’s everywhere. I’m not even sure how this is possible. It’s as if some giant, aquamarine net has ensnared central New York in its watery grip. Its omnipresence makes it a great place to bathe if you’re smelling a little putrid after a day of adventure.

I did just that, and it felt amazing after surviving the Cascade hike.

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The next order of business was to experience a local restaurant, and for that, I usually target the nearest craft brew-pub. In this case, it was Lake Placid Brewery. I thought I’d be ahead of the game by getting there at 4:00 PM, but it was a busy weekend and a tourist destination, so it was extremely busy, and parking was scarce.

I found a good spot to park roughly a half mile away from the establishment, and I hobbled the whole way there in absolute agony. Maybe I should have a doctor look at that.

You can usually depend on craft breweries to be comfortably casual, moderately priced, with a modicum of culture. I’m not usually disappointed. When I walked into the Lake Placid Brewery and sat down at the first bar I saw, I felt it was a little rougher around the edges than I’d prefer.

I tried one of their beers – the High Peaks Hefeweizen, and ordered a plate of wings. The beer was decent and refreshing. The wings were good, but there was what appeared to be the fragment of a beak cooked into one of the pieces. I ate them anyway.

The atmosphere was more like that of a traditional bar – and the music? Loud, explicit rap.

The whole experience was sorely disappointing.

On my way out, I passed a staircase near the exit. At the foot of the stairs was a sign with an arrow, pointing up. The sign read, “Brew Pub.”

Awesome. Since I never made it to the actual brew pub, please don’t judge Lake Placid Brewery based on my limited experience. Although, do expect a bustling tourist destination as opposed to some best-kept-secret.