Exploring the ADK High Peaks Region

When I got back to the Jeep, I put my gear away, and made coffee by the roadside. I set up my camp table and chair, and sat there for about an hour, sipping at my mug, while watching vehicles pass, and hikers filter in.

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“There would be no hiking today,” I decided.

I set off in the Jeep to explore some backroads, partly for fun, and partly to find some good places to setup the rooftop tent for the coming evening. By midday, I had found a few good candidates, and then I was off to lunch.

For lunch, I opted to stop at The ADK Cafe in Keene, New York. The reviews that I found online spoke favorably of the establishment. It offers cafe-made meals using locally-sourced ingredients, and it seemed like my type of place.

When I arrived, it was fairly busy, and I was seated on the deck after a short wait.

I tried to order a burger, which I was really looking forward to, but unfortunately, they were out of ground beef. Instead, I ordered a grilled cheese with fries, which was also very substantial and very well-made.

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While the food was superb, the staff seemed awkward and slow. This wouldn’t stop me from strongly recommending the restaurant, however. I look forward to returning someday, for my burger.