Exploring the ADK High Peaks Region

After lunch, I returned to a decent campsite that I found earlier, near the end of South Meadow Road in North Elba. This is an extremely popular place to park for trail access to the High Peaks, denoted by the abundance of cars. It features a limited number of free, primitive camping opportunities, which I was happy to take advantage of.

A dozen-or-so camping areas were visible from the long, gravel road, but only a few of them were suitable for vehicle-based camping. I managed to find one such spot toward the end of the lane, nestled amongst some pine trees. It was almost perfect!

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On the plus side, it was free, inconspicuous, and rustic wooden toilets were scattered throughout the woods. On the downside, human activity was ample, and campfires were prohibited – although that didn’t stop some people.

I deployed the rooftop tent and settled in for the remainder of the day.

Some of my activities around the campsite included: amateur photography, whittling, consumption of craft beer, general wandering, pizza making, and magazine reading. Furthermore, I made a game of seeking out all of the wooden toilets in the area.

Night fell, and once again, I retreated to the comfort of my James Baroud.

The next morning, I pulled up camp, and began my journey back to Pennsylvania.

I made one more notable stop in Keene, at the ADK Market. Their web site aptly describes them as, “a classic Adirondack market, with meals-to-go, a bakery, coffee, and artisan breads.” It was a quaint little market with high-quality goods. I recommend visiting if you pass through the area.

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The rest of the day was spent traveling home.

If you ever need to get away for a long weekend to unwind, I highly recommend abandoning a formal plan, and simply throwing your bags into your car and going. Doing so promises unexpected new experiences, and creates lasting memories.

The Adirondack mountains are a honey pot for adventure, ripe with stunning scenery around every bend. I’m looking forward to my next visit!