1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport

Chris Shontz  •  Boyertown, PA  •  venture4wd.com

Unfortunately, I don't have this Jeep anymore, as it was by far my favorite. I bought this Jeep brand-new in late 1998. It was a sleeper, which in automotive jargon, means that a vehicle is better-performing than it looks. I used this frequently for trail rides, usually at Paragon Adventure Park in Hazleton, PA (which was shut down long ago), and sometimes at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, also in PA. It was fun, reliable, and extremely capable.

In 2003, it got into a fairly serious fender-bender, and while it was repaired, it didn't feel quite the same after that. The frame was tweaked, and things didn't seem to line up right anymore. I also had a new baby, and it seemed like it was time to sell and get something a little more practical. Isn't that how it always goes?

  • Old Man Emu Suspension
  • BFGoodrich MT KM 32x11.50R15
  • Currie Front Bumper
  • Warn HS9500i Winch
  • IPF 960 Series Driving Lights
  • Atlas 4.3:1 Transfer Case
  • Kilby Gas Tank Skidplate
  • Currie Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier
  • Powertrax No-Slip Lockers (x2)
  • Challenger Performance Sport Bar