Final Cut Pro Audio Crossfade Shortcut

Smooth Audio Transitions in Final Cut Pro for Vehicle Pass Videos

Abrupt audio transitions present a challenge when recording video of a passing vehicle. Discover a simple solution in Final Cut Pro to create an audio crossfade between two clips. Regardless of your editing software, this technique will enhance your finished video.

Unboxing the Antigravity Battery

Antigravity lithium power in a knackered old Defender

The Antigravity Lithium-Ion Starter Battery is a reliable power source for your old Land Rover. Its benefits include 2000 cranking amps, lighter weight, a projected longevity of 7-9 years, and with restart technology, you might never need jumper cables again!

Engel MT35 in Present Day

Engel 12V Fridge keeping things cool for a quarter of a century

This old ARB Freezer-Fridge, manufactured by Engel, has been in active use for nearly 25 years. It has outlasted several of my vehicles and is still being utilized on a daily basis, whether it’s in the field or at the house. They don’t make them like this anymore… or do they?