Next to a Crystalline Lake in the Absarokas

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Nestled in the rugged mountains of southern Montana lies a primitive campsite that's not for the faint-hearted. This spot demands a four-wheel drive to access from the main road, but the destination is worth it. Perched on the shore of a crystalline mountain lake, it's a scene straight out of a postcard.

The terrain here is rocky and uneven, but don't let that deter you. There's enough room for a single vehicle, but the site is located on a gentle slope, so some camper leveling will be necessary. A short walk will take you to a mountain stream, perfect for some fresh water and a bit of peace and quiet. The stone fire ring is ready for a campfire.

Forget about cell service—there's none to be found. And the tree cover is too dense for satellite connectivity. But who needs screens when surrounded by this kind of natural beauty? During peak season, expect some company from fishermen, ATV riders, and other campers.

This spot offers more than just a place to pitch a tent. Nearby hiking trails and recreational opportunities abound. And the lake? Perfect for a leisurely kayak float. The surrounding woods provide a scenic, serene backdrop with stunning mountain views to the east.

Always tread lightly, leave no trace, respect the wishes of landowners, and leave campsites cleaner than you found them. Be the very best steward of our public spaces that you can possibly be so that they remain public.

Status – OPEN

We’ve been here in-person, but it might have been a while. To our knowledge, this spot is currently open and accessible, but that can easily change, so always have a back-up plan!

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