Notch Canyon Overlook on El Camino del Diablo

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Explore this primitive campsite perched atop a scenic notch over a canyon. It is accessible via a two-track offshoot, and overlooks a vast stretch of the Sonoran Desert to the southwest. this spot offers a unique vantage point with a distant view of the border wall on the horizon.

The site features a small stone fire ring and can accommodate two vehicles. While there is no cell service, the clear view of the sky ensures good satellite connectivity. Given its mountain ridge location, the campsite is exposed to potential wind, so come prepared.

This remote campsite, located at the western end of El Camino del Diablo, is ideal for those seeking solitude. It's a perfect stop for the first or last night of an El Camino del Diablo journey, depending on your travel direction. Although most 4x4 vehicles can access this site, the quarter-mile trail segment leading to it may be better suited for compact vehicles due to terrain and vegetation.

Enjoy the scenic beauty and seclusion of this hidden gem, but remember that a free permit is required for recreational access to the Barry Goldwater Range. Secure your permit online before setting out for this unique camping experience.

Always tread lightly, leave no trace, respect the wishes of landowners, and leave campsites cleaner than you found them. Be the very best steward of our public spaces that you can possibly be so that they remain public.

Status – OPEN

We’ve been here in-person, but it might have been a while. To our knowledge, this spot is currently open and accessible, but that can easily change, so always have a back-up plan!

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