Papago Mountain Campground in Cabeza Prieta

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Welcome to this awesome camping area just off El Camino del Diablo. Located near the eastern end of the route in Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. It's a spacious spot with plenty of room to set up shop. Featuring picnic tables and stone fire rings—perfect for grilling some burgers and watching the sunset. The place is mostly flat with a whole lot of desert scrub and low vegetation, so don't expect much shade.

There's some cell service from Mexico, enough to browse the web or check social media, but don't expect to stream any movies. On the plus side, the sky is wide open, so if you like staring at the stars or need satellite connectivity, you're in business. You can drive in with any four-wheel drive vehicle, no need for anything too fancy.

This camping area is 40 miles from Ajo and just 13 miles from the western edge of Organ Pipe National Monument. Water's not far away, just a quarter-mile from Papago Well, where there's a tank with a working water spigot. You can filter and fill your canteens no problem. There's also some cool hiking trails at the base of Papago Mountain. With scattered desert mountains in every direction, it's a killer view.

This spot's got room for a bunch of vehicles, making it a great place to kick off or end your trip along El Camino del Diablo, depending on which way you're headed. And let me tell you, the sunsets here are something else. Don't forget, you need a free permit to recreate in Cabeza Prieta, but you can grab it online with no fuss. Have a good time, and respect the desert!

Always tread lightly, leave no trace, respect the wishes of landowners, and leave campsites cleaner than you found them. Be the very best steward of our public spaces that you can possibly be so that they remain public.

Status – OPEN

We’ve been here in-person, but it might have been a while. To our knowledge, this spot is currently open and accessible, but that can easily change, so always have a back-up plan!

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