A personal touch to refine the Defender – wooden shift knobs crafted out of skateboard decks

So much emphasis is placed on general maintenance and improving the Land Rover’s off-road capability. However, sometimes the little personal touches can be just as impactful and really improve the finish of a well-loved vehicle.

It came to my attention that Sonoran Rovers, the Tucson outfitter that sourced my 1991 Defender 110, was selling hand-made, wooden shift knobs, fashioned out of old skateboard decks. These knobs, available in matching pairs, are designed for classic L316 Defenders equipped with either the R380 gearbox or the older LT77.

Artisan wooden shift knobs fashioned from recycled skateboard decks. Rad!

Increase in smiles per gallon

Marcus at Sonoran Rovers gave me a call as soon as they became available, and I rushed right over to the shop to pick out a set from their limited supply.

I very rarely indulge in improvements that are solely cosmetic, but the state of the Defender’s interior was poor, and the original rubber knobs were becoming rotten in their old age. A nice set of crafted wooden knobs really classed things up.

Furthermore, the new shift knobs are really unique, fun, and well-made. Now, almost every time I climb into the Landy, they make me smile.

Wooden shift knobs installed. The interior of the Defender has come a long way since I became owner!

A limited supply

If you’re interested in a set of these shift knobs for your own Land Rover, I recommend contacting Sonoran Rovers to inquire. However I do know that they commission a craftsman to have these made, and they’re limited runs, so availability is not guaranteed.


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