Photography Services

Does your production need a professional photographer specializing in the overland industry, travel, and outdoor adventure?

The key to being a good photographer is far more than putting your eye to a viewfinder, it is legwork; ensuring that you’re at the right place, at the right time, without fear of getting a little dirty or uncomfortable to capture a moment. You must also know your equipment, and dial it in quickly and instinctively, as to not miss that perfect shot in the waning light.

Since 2017, I’ve been traveling throughout North America, recording my daily experiences for consumption on social media. I take pride in my photographic composition, and I make an extra effort to artfully capture the immersive sights and sounds of the places I visit.

Scope of Work

In this role, my aim is to remain behind the camera, not in front of it. The story is yours to tell, and the scenes I capture on my camera belong to you!

Overland Adventure / Expedition

With decades of experience as a four-wheel drive and overland travel enthusiast, I’m self-sufficient behind the wheel in adverse conditions, and I won’t hesitate to trek up a mountainside with a backpack full of camera gear. This makes me well-qualified for arduous journeys. Don’t ask me to cook, however, or everybody loses.

Content Creator Support

Perhaps you’re an established content creator, but you need an extra hand capturing memorable moments. As an experienced, solo creator, I know how challenging it can be to juggle camera work with having authentic experiences. You worry about your adventure, and let me worry about storing it on a memory card.

Products, Vehicles, and Events

If you’re a vendor specializing in adventure equipment or vehicles, you might require photography of your products being put to use. I can stage a photoshoot for you, near or far, and provide compelling, high-quality assets for print, web, or social media. I’m also quite happy to cover your industry event!

Recreational Outings and Private Parties

Maybe you’re organizing an outing with your club or Facebook group, and you’d like to have a dedicated photographer along to document the experience. I can do that! Services for non-commercial trips are offered at a reduced rate, but travel expenses do still apply. Also, I will not be participating as a driver, to focus on camera work.


Normal Rate – $800 USD per day

(plus travel expenses and equipment if applicable)

Travel expenses might include flight, fuel, food, and/or lodging costs, depending on the mode-of-travel and destination. Equipment costs might consist of any speciality gear required to complete the work; additional action camera(s), rigging, and/or external storage depending on output volume. This service is for unmodified original photo and video assets only, but editing and post-production services are negotiable at an additional cost.

Recreational / Private – $500 USD per day

(plus travel expenses)

Private party rates are for groups and individuals who wish to use photo and video assets for personal sharing and “not-for-profit” social media only. This service is for unmodified original photo and video assets only.


All photos and videos that I produce within the scope of your job are yours for unlimited personal or commercial use. Assets created for a recreational outing, or a private party, are for your own personal enjoyment and sharing on social media only, and are not for commercial use.

I reserve the right to use any of the photo or video assets that I create during your job, to share on social media for marketing my services, generating interest in venture4wd, and to add to my work portfolio.

All of the above terms are negotiable depending on your needs.

Request Form

Interested in hiring me for your project? Please select the date range for which my services required, and complete the form below.

To complete booking, a $100 deposit is required as a show of commitment. However, if I must decline, I will refund your deposit immediately!

Important – September 2023

While I am always “for hire” and willing to consider working for you as a photographer, I’ve decided to refrain from advertising and deprioritize this service due to having a number of other projects in the works. If you need a photographer specializing in overland adventure, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form on this website. I’d love to talk with you about your project!


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