Antigravity H7/Group-94R Lithium Car Battery

H7/Group 94R OEM Automotive Case size (directly replace stock battery).
LxWxH: 12.25 x 7 x 7.5 inches.
Amp Hours: 80 Ah.
High Power: ~2000 Cranking Amps.
Exclusive RE-START Technology: Wireless Jump-Starting built-in; just press the button on your Keyfob remote.
Complete Battery Management System built-in.
Ultra Lightweight: Drop up to 40 lbs instantly! 70% lighter than lead.
Safest Battery Technology using full BMS and Lifepo4 Lithium chemistry.

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Antigravity Batteries offers the Lightest, most Powerful and Technologically advanced Lithium-Ion Motorsports and Powersports Batteries available. Save 70% in weight over Lead/Acid Batteries, while gaining better starting and handling performance. From Daily Drivers to World Class Racing we offer a number of choices to best fit your specific needs. Our NEW RE-START (RS) Batteries for Motorcycles/Powersports or Automotive applications are the FIRST ever with Built-in Jump Starting. Or choose from our ultra compact batteries for Race use or Custom builds. We also offer special voltages… Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!


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Additional information



Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.25" x 7" x 7.5"

Amp Hours

80 Ah

Cranking Amps

~2000 CA

Weight (lbs)


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